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Antique map of California to Alaska by Wytfliet

Antique map of California to Alaska by Wytfliet



Anian Regnum


Louvain, 1597


23.0 x 28.9 cms


Copper engraving

Stock number





$ 3250


Cornelis Wytfliet's map of North-West America after Mercator, de Jode, Plancius and Gastaldi. The map includes Northern California with "C. de S. Francisco", "Tierra Brava", "La Sierra Nevada", "C. Medocino", etc. Marco Polo's "Quivira", "Anian" and "Tolm" empires fill most of the region. "It covers the entire coastal portions of the present day United States and Canada. The general shape derives from that of Gerard Mercator's world map of 1569, with a pronounced bulge coincidentally similar to that of Alaska as we know it today, but latitudinally larger so that its south coast is at about 40 degrees. [ The Plancius 1592 world map .. ] was the principal source of the nomenclature. [...] All of the coast above approximately C. Medocino was yet to be visited by Europeans and it was left to Captain James Cook, 180 years later, to first accurately chart these waters. South of this the Spanish had made a number of exploratory voyages starting in the 1530s. At the top of the map above the Arctic circle we find the by now familiar North West passage. On a number of maps at this time various rivers are shown flowing north into these waters; no possible explanation can be given for this other than the assumption that in such a vast expanse of land there would be some." (Burden).