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Johannes Metellus (1520-1597)

"Metellus is an obscure figure about whom little is known except that he was born in Louvain, later being heard of in Cologne where he was probably a publisher as well as a cartographer. He compiled a set of maps of America (with a World Map) very similar to those of Cornelis van Wytfliet with which they are often confused. The maps by Metellus are much rarer than those of Wytfliet."

(Moreland & Bannister).

Johannes Metellus [Jean Matal; Germanus; Matalius; Natal; Sequanus] (1520-1597) was born in Burgundy and died in Augsburg. He was a geographer and antiquary in Louvain/Leuven and later in Cologne. He contributed to geographical texts including Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum.


Only a handful examples of the Metellus books are known, see Burden 115 for a list of locations.

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