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Old books, maps and prints by Paul Fürst

Paul Fürst (1608-1666)

Paul Fürst's father was a fustian weaver from Nuremberg, who had his son baptized on February 7, 1608.

By marrying Helena Susanna Schnelling, the daughter of the art dealer Peter Schnelling von Antorf on March 15, 1637, Paul Fürst inherited the business of his wife's grandfather, the art dealer Balthasar Caymox, in the same year.

He continued to run the company under his own name. Above all, Fürst published illustrated sheets, pamphlets and copper engraving collections. On September 11, 1666, Paul Fürst committed suicide. His bookshop existed until 1703/04 under the name Paul Fürst Wittib und Erben.


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