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Antique map of East Indies, Far East by Hessel Gerritsz

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Hessel Gerritsz



First Published

Amsterdam, 1632

This edition

Amsterdam, 1634


41 x 50 cms




Exceptionally rare sea chart by Hessel Gerritsz, master map maker of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. This chart is the first accurate map of the Far East. Of highest significance.

Hessel Gerritsz, the official cartographer of the VOC, had produced this copperplate shortly before his unexpected death in 1632. After the passing away of Gerritsz, Blaeu took over the position as VOC mapmaker, helped with the appointment by his friend Laurens Reael, former VOC governor of the East Indies, who was back in the Netherlands and who was by now one of the VOC directors in Amsterdam.

In his new position Blaeu had access to the latest navigational information available from the East Indies, including all ship's logs and charts. Blaeu also got Gerritz copperplate for this map, that had actually been designed as a maritime chart for use at sea by the East India Company. Blaeu changed it from a navigational chart into an atlas map to include in his Atlas Novus of 1634.


Several tiny worm holes professionally restored, notably in the Philippines, Siam and Borneo. An early strong and even imprint of the copperplate. Paper tint slightly mellow. Attractive original colour. Wide margins all around. Overall a very desirable example of an otherwise unobtainable chart.

First state of Blaeu's map of the East Indies

This very rare, first state of Blaeu's map of the East Indies is of utmost importance as it was the first regional map in an atlas to show the discoveries of Australia. It was also the first to chart those discoveries on both the west coast of Australia and Cape York Peninsula.

(Simon Dewez)