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Gerard van Schagen (c.1642-1714)

Gerrit Lucasz van Schagen or Schaagen (Latinised Gerardus a Schagen) (ca. 1642 – c. March 1724 was an engraver and cartographer from Amsterdam, famous for his exquisite reproductions of maps and wall maps, particularly of those by Nicolaes Visscher I and by Frederick de Wit. Gerrit van Schagen did not issue atlases himself, but some his maps are occasionally found in composite atlases at the time. All of his maps are of greatest rarity. His rare map of the world, copied after the maritime map of the world by Frederick de Wit and Romeyn de Hooghe, is one of the most decorative world maps of the Dutch Golden Age.

He lived and worked in Amsterdam, on the Haarlemmerdijk near the New Haarlem sluice at the house with the sign "In de Stuurman" (In the steersman).

The surname suggests that Gerrit or his father Lucas may have been born in Schagen. On 24 April 1677 he married Gertruij Govers van Schendel/Schijndel. At this occasion he was "from Amsterdam, plaetsnijder (engraver) from profession, 35 years old, and living on the Haerlemmerdijk." (Amsterdam City Archives). After the death of Geertruij in September 1690, Gerrit, as widower of Geertruij and still living on the Haarlemmerdijk, remarried on 7 October 1695 with the 34-year old Anna Cornelis. Gerrit and Anna baptized children between 1697 and 1701 and together were witnesses at other baptisms as late as June 1712. A Gerrit van Schagen was buried 19 March 1724 at the Karthuizer cemetery in Amsterdam.


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