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Antique map of India by Thevenot

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Melchisedech Thévenot (biography)


Description de la partie des Indes orientales qui est sous la domination du grand Mogol

First Published

Paris, 1663

This edition

1663 first edition


27 x 34.5 cms




Thevenot's rare version of William Baffin's 1619 map of the great Mogul Empire, the first accurate map of the area. Centered on the road between Lahor and Agra/Delhi, home of the newly finished Taj Mahal.

Melchisedech Thévenot (1620-1692)

A traveller and author of books on the early voyayes of discovery, Thévenot produced some striking perhaps not always his own work but no less interesting because of that. In particular, his map of Australia the first by a Frenchman, showed the continents uninterrupted eastern coastline and the latest information on Tasman's voyages.

Issued in Relations de divers Voyages Curieux 1663-96:

Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, (Terre Australe découverte l'an 1644)
Kingdom of the Great Mogul

(Moreland and Bannister)