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Antique map of Australia by Thévenot

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Melchisedech Thévenot (biography)


HOLLANDIA NOVA detecta 1644 TERRE AUSTRALE découverte l'an 1644.

First Published

Paris, 1663

This edition



38 x 53.5 cms




The first printed map of the Australian continent.

The geography is based on Joan Blaeu's large Archipelagus wall map of 1659.

Excellent condition. Thick and clean paper. No restorations or imperfections. Folded as issued. Strong and even imprint of the copperplate. Unusually wide margins. A near flawless copy of an exceptionally rare landmark map of Australia, by one of the most important cartographers of its day.

In the travel anthology Relations de divers voyages curieux, published in 1663 by the French scientist M. Thévenot, this the first French map on which Tasman's discoveries were taken into account appeared.

It is of interest that the 1663 edition of the travel anthology just brings the general map of the Dutch discoveries including those by Tasman, while the text refers only to the loss of the Batavia. In the edition of 1696 extracts from Tasman's journal are printed, as well as the revised map with Tasman's track.


Melchisedech Thévenot (1620-1692)

A traveller and author of books on the early voyayes of discovery, Thévenot produced some striking perhaps not always his own work but no less interesting because of that. In particular, his map of Australia the first by a Frenchman, showed the continents uninterrupted eastern coastline and the latest information on Tasman's voyages.

Issued in Relations de divers Voyages Curieux 1663-96:

Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, (Terre Australe découverte l'an 1644)
Kingdom of the Great Mogul

(Moreland and Bannister)