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van Schagen - World

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Dr Leendert Helmink, Ph.D.

Antique map of the World and the continents by van Schagen

van Schagen

First Published

Amsterdam, 1689

This edition



48.3 x 56.0 cms


Copper engraving

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An exceptionally rare set of five highly decorative 17th Century maps of the world and of the continents, never available in the market, and only known in one other example in a composite atlas in the Amsterdam University Library. No examples of this set are present in American institutions. No examples of the map of America are present in American institutions. No examples of the map of the world are present in American institutions.

The maps were published by Gerard van Schagen, one of the least known cartographers of 17th Century Amsterdam. The world map is based on the world map by Nicolas Visscher and the world map by Frederick de Wit, but is not an exact copy of these. Jan Werner estimates the date of the world map around 1689.

"The world map seems to have appeared as an alternative general map only in this English edition of Van Keulen's atlas". (Shirley). In Shirley's corrigenda just one further state is recorded with the address changed to Gerard van Keulen.