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Acosta/Metellus - Regnum SIAN

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Dr Leendert Helmink, Ph.D.

Antique map of Siam by Acosta/Metellus


First Published

Cologne, 1598

This edition


15.2 x 22.2 cms


Copper engraving

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The first map dedicated to Thailand.

"Another milestone in Thailand’s cartographical development of the sixteenth century was the publication in 1596-8 of the first separate map of the kingdom, ‘Regnum Siam’ (in Speculum Orbis terrae) by Johannes Metellus, a German scholar, was based on information from maps by Gastaldi (1548) and Ramusio (1554).

The coastal outline of Thailand, the shape of the peninsula, and the placement of the mountains and rivers are similar to the Ramusio map. The shape of Lake Chiamay, however, is different and Ayutthaya was changed from its correct location to the northeastern part of the peninsula. The Gulf of Thailand is not named and its size is markedly reduced on this map. Also, it feature a Portuguese carrack sails towards the Straits of Malacca en route to Thailand."